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Somewhere around 2003, I have decided to share my collection of small scale diecast cars with the world thby making a web gallery. Inspired by other diecast related websites, I created one of my own.

This site is dedicated to the favourite toys of young and old boys alike: The toy cars - often called "matchbox-cars" - are something that pretty much every person knows of. My intention with this site was to have a place that showcases small scale models of real cars. The guiding light for my collection is to discover in how many versions and by how many manufacturers a certain real car has been made in small scale, not going by color variation of one and the same casting, but going by the number of different casting done by many different manufacturers.

This includes various manufacturers, but also sometimes different liveries or major variations within a certain casting. However, there are a lot more brands than Matchbox, which is today joined by dozens of new and old competitors. This website shows a major part of my present and past personal collection, but also deals with the restoration and customization of toy cars. I´ve been a fan of toy cars since i was a kid, but never thought about collecting them at that time. The toy cars fulfilled their purpose as pure play material and many of them were ruined.
I have re-started collecting in spring 2002, but have been buying cars of interest continuously throughout my teenage years. The centerpieces of the site are the collection gallery - which showcases a collection of various toy cars - and a restoration section, which deals with the repair, restoration and customization of small scale toy cars by manufacturers such as Matchbox, Majorette, Siku, Tomica, Norev, Johnny Lightning etc. The scales shown vary from 1:50 to 1:75 and all fit under the general terms of "3-inch".

The Gallery is arranged by the alphabet and nations of real car proveniences. Of course, the selection of cars here is far from being complete. It mainly depicts a small personal collection (and some models not any more in it) and is not intended to make any profit out of it.

My wish was to include tips for "cheap restoring", which would mean restoring or customizing cars without tools, which might cost more than $10.- (except for the Dremel, of course). Looking at the value of such a restoration, it coud be percepted as one man's loss of time is another man's treasure, but it's fun and it's relaxing. On the downside of course, it's time consuming. I hope the visitors of this website will enjoy what they see and share my passion for toy cars. I wish you all the best & happy collecting,

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  • This is a website which showcases my own die-cast collection or of toy cars that used to be part of it at a certain point. Not everything you see is in the collection, many things have been sorted out or replaced. I do not sell any of the cars shown here nor do i sell any on Auction sites.
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  • Unless not stated so, all pictures displayed here are the property of the photographer and this site. I am honored if you like them so much, that you would like to use them elsewhere, but I would appreciate if i would be asked for permission.
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  • This site is not affiliated with any manufacturers listed in the interests area of the site. The owner of this site is not responsible for the contents reached through this site's hyperlinks.
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  • All toy manufacturer names and logos and car manufacturer names and logos are trademarks of the particular manufacturers.
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